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Doers Of London Body lotion 300ml


The calming nature of our body lotion comes from a blend of potent anti-inflammatory botanica! extracts infused in a light texture. The skin is protected, nourished, and relaxed… one less stress tor the day.

Doers Of London Body Wash 300ml


Powerful and gentle body wash, that nourishes the skin and respects its natural moisture. Formulated to work with you so you can work harder… and smell better doing it. Lightly scented by the natural ingredients, it lathers easily and can be used from head to toe, morning and night, or whenever the grind demands.

Doers Of London Conditioner 300ml


This deeply nourishing conditioner is formulated to restore natural shine and control, without adding weight. A perfect partner to our shampoo, the duo will leave your hair ready for whatever the grind throws at you.

Doers Of London Facial Cleanser 200ml


No healthy complexion, perfect shave or shiny beard can be achieved without a daily facial cleansing: Skin is detoxified to keep bacteria, blemishes and irritation at bay. Sebum production is balanced; Skin (and facial hair) is nourished. A lotion that produces a gentle foam to remove any impurities and excess of sebum without dehydrating. It can be used daily to clean and condition the skin (and the facial hair).

Doers Of London Hydrating Face Cream 100ml


Our moisturiser answers the three skincare needs of most men: 1) Reduces skin redness and irritations caused by shaving and by the environment 2) Deeply moisturises and improves skin’s natural protections 3) Contrasts the sign of ageing. The texture starts with a rich feel, when applying to the skin a little goes a long way, and gives an immediate feeling of extra hydration, then quickly absorbs to leave the skin free of shine and residues.

Doers Of London Shampoo 300ml


A uniquely creamy balancing shampoo, designed to combat everyday abuse. Formulated to strengthen and nourish, restoring natural shine and a balanced scalp. Leaves hair deeply sniffable. Gently lathers and easily applied to all hair types.